In General the timeline for UTO Grants:

November  – Grant criteria will be available;

January 1February 28  The Grant application will be available online;

February – Each diocese must use a Diocesan Screening Committee that includes the UTO Diocesan Coordinator;

February 28 Application and all required supporting documents must be received electronically In the UTO office (this granting season there will be no exceptions)

March  UTO Grant Committee will review each  grant for compliance;

March and April  Grants are to be researched by UTO Board members;

May – United Thank Offering Board Granting Session and Board Meeting. (UTO Board members will not be  able to inform you of the grant status until notifications have been distributed);

June – Award and declination letters will be distributed.

For further information please contact:  Mrs. Jan Goossens


Additional Information:   The United Thank Offering is a program of The Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole Church, founded by and administered by women since 1889.  The United Thank Offering Committee is a spiritual and financial partner in the mission work of The Episcopal Church, through every person in every pew.  UTO is entrusted to promote thank offerings, to receive the offerings, and to distribute the United Thank Offering monies through grants.  The Committee awards and administers these grants within the framework of the policies and procedures of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) of The Episcopal Church

We will focus particularly on projects that implement significant change toward alleviating profound human suffering.  Our work will directly impact the lives of women and children, and will continue our historic mission to address compelling human need and expand the mission and ministry of the church.

Our mission is to expand the circle of thankful people.  To achieve this mission, we encourage daily prayers, offerings, and awareness of the abundance of God’s blessings.

Daily Thanks Improves Daily Life.

Thanksgiving – for joy, blessings, and challenges

Generosity – all offerings are granted

Mission – to expand the church

Ministry – to meet compelling human needs