prayingSpirituality and Prayer

    We encourage you to deepen your prayer life as part of your journey of faith.  Different people will find that they connect with God in different ways.  We’ve included a few of our favorite prayer methods and resources.

Anglican Prayer Beads: 

 Praying with beads is an ancient spiritual practice, finding a home in many spiritual traditions.  It is a practice that integrates our body, mind and spirit in intentional prayer, helping focus our minds on prayer by adopting a bodily practice, and connecting us with all creation.   The Anglican Rosary adapts this ancient tradition and makes it distinctively Anglican – from its emphasis on creation to the ability to adapt it in a personal way.  We’ve included several collections of prayers to get you started.     Click here for more   Anglican Prayer Beads 

The Daily Office:

 The ancient practice of daily prayer is part of every Christian’s spirituality.  The lectionary for the Daily Office is found in the Book of Common Prayer.   For a simple online method of praying the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer, the Episcopal versions of the monastic Morning and Evening Prayer, click here:     Click on the current month under Rite II, then when the calendar comes up, click on the current day either the sunshine or the moon, depending on whether you are doing Morning or Evening Prayer.

Sacred Reading:

The ancient practice of lectio divina is one method of listening for God’s Word in the words of Scripture.  While many of us are used to traditional methods of Bible study where we consider context, intent, culture and meaning, lectio divina changes our concentration from these ways of thinking about Scripture to ways of listening to Scripture.  As we listen to Scripture, we allow Christ the Word to come to us through the words we hear.   Click here for more on  Sacred Reading 

The Quiet Sermon

 This is an awesome picture and you may have seen it as an ’email forward’.  The ‘longer’ you look at this picture, the ‘more’ you see…  quiet sermon 2