2018 Lenten Retreat

March 16,17, 18

at Todd Hall in Columbia, IL

Women of all faiths from across the region are invited to attend. We suggest that you bring a friend and have a great time together. The grounds at Todd Hall include Stations of the Cross and a winding maze and is perfect for meditation and communing with nature.

more details and the reservation form will be posted soon.

Send us an email at Ecw.Board.Springfield@frontier.com to preregister.



    2017 Lenten RETREAT


will be March 24,25,26

at Todd Hall in Columbia, IL

Encountering Jesus – A Spiritual Walk with the Women Who Knew Jesus

 This weekend promises to give insights into the lives of the women who knew Jesus and how we can gain a deeper and richer understanding of our faith from them.  “Encountering Jesus” will be directed by members of our clergy who have a passion for sharing stories of faith from a woman’s perspective.


2016  Lenten RETREAT will be March 4,5,6 at Todd Hall

Why Episcopal?

Telling Our Stories

Register early and bring a friend!

Reservation form available to download and print  at this link:

2016 ECW retreat reservation form

You can also request a form via email at ecw.board.springfield@frontier.com


2015 Retreat:   Get Charged Up !

The 2015 retreat was March 5,7, & 8 at Todd Hall.  WE had 26 women register to attend.  Friday evenings session was a bedtime story to set the mood for the weekend and reveal the theme and speakers for the retreat.  The theme was We not Me.  The retreat leaders were Mo Sherry Black, Mo Ann Tofani and Chris DeWitt rounded out the three member team.  Session titles:  “The Ship That Found Herself”,   “We are all Shipmates and the Deck need Swabbing!”,   “Blue Skies”,  “The Ayes Have it”, and “Shore Leave”.  Saturday evening included Henry Evans, St. Cecilia’s organ and a lot of hymn requests.

2014 Retreat:

On the weekend of March 21-23, 2014, 31 women (28 Episcopalian, 2 Presbyterian, 1 Lutheran) gathered at Todd Hall Retreat Center in Columbia, IL to enjoy the Annual Lenten Retreat.  Mother Mollie Ward, Retreat Leader, gave us a wonderful study of “Faith of our Mothers, Woman and Spirituality through the Generations.”  We had very moving and informative sessions, including remembering our mothers and grandmothers; thinking about what women did and do, which included  lessons on the weaving loom and spinning wheel; looking at how we feed our bodies and souls; singing sacred music; and experiencing a life passage ritual.  This was a very blessed retreat for all who attended.

Lenten Retreat at Todd Hall

March 21, 22, & 23, 2014 –

The theme was

“Faith of Our Mothers:  Women and Spirituality Through the Generations.” 


Friday Evening –Voices Lost: The Great Silence
 Saturday Morning – Lessons from the Loom: the Textile Arts
 Saturday Afternoon – Do This in Remembrance of Me: Feeding Body and Soul 
 Saturday Evening – Making a Joyful Noise: Women & Sacred Music  *Led by Henry Evans
Sunday Morning – Marking Time: Ritual and Life Passages 

Mother Mollie Ward was our retreat leader. 

you can also contact us at ecw.board.springfield@frontier.com