2015-16 project announced “Magdalene House in St. Louis”Thistle

As announced at the 2015 Episcopal Synod meeting, women from parishes throughout the Diocese of Springfield have chosen Magdalene St. Louis as the 2016 Outreach Project.

Magdalene St. Louis is a residential community for women who have survived lives of prostitution, violence and addiction.

Women receive two years of housing, support and education at no cost. Women coming out of correctional facilities or off the streets are invited into a compassionate and disciplined community where they can recover and rebuild their lives. Magdalene St. Louis is a seedling of the successful Magdalene/Thistle Farms model from Nashville, Tennessee, which was founded by Episcopal priest The Reverend Becca Stevens.

Women who enter the Magdalene St. Louis program will likely have initially experienced sexual abuse between the ages of seven and 11, started using drugs by age 12 and 13, and have been on the streets since age 14.

Roughly three-fourths of the women who make it through the first six months of the Magdalene program are drug-free and pursuing education and employment two years later – a percentage unrivaled by any treatment center. That’s because Magdalene is not a halfway house or treatment center, but a community where the best evidence-based social work is paired with a spiritual community of sisterhood for life that gives women a safe place to heal.

We encourage you to pray for the women at Magdalene St. Louis and give generously to support this year’s diocesan ECW project. For more information, please contact Liz Hinman, Outreach Chair, Diocese of Springfield ECW at eahinman9@yahoo.com

Thank you!

Love heals . . .

. . .because we need other people. Without connection we cannot be our true selves. Trauma and addiction break the connections that make us whole and healthy. Joining with others helps us rebuild our ability to love and be loved. Love is what makes us whole again.

All money raised toward the outreach project 

will be forwarded to the charity.  

2015 Outreach Project Update:

 July 2016:  Dear Brother Bishop Daniel thank you so much for your support towards my ministry in Tabora. Please find the progress of construction of new girls dormitory. The bricks are almost done. I will let you know the second step towards the construction. Yours in Christ. +Elias Tabora



Information about our 2015 Outreach Project:

Safe Housing for Female Students in Diocese of Tabora

The Diocese of Tabora is a companion of the Diocese of Springfield.  Many college-ages girls who desperately want to finish their education live far from the safety of their vlllages and parents.  These girls need affordable, suitable and safe accommodations within Tabora.  As in the rest of Tanzania, the Tabora region is characterized by significant disparity between enrollment numbers and school performance of boys and girls.  With adequate funding the Anglican Diocese of Tabora will complete the construction of a hostel that will provide affordable and safe accommodations for girls attending college in Tabora.

All money raised toward the outreach project (over $14,000.00) has been forwarded to the charity.  

2014 Outreach project

Marion Medical Mission is a Marion, Illinois-based non-profit Christian organization that combines humanitarian volunteer action with self-help projects to provide safe water, assist in building schools and meeting medical needs, empower local communities and foster inter-cultural relationships with the people of Africa. Since 1990 Marion Medical Mission volunteers have built over 10,900 shallow wells providing over two million people with safe, clean water. In cooperation with African Presbyterian and Evangelical Lutheran churches, the Marion Medical Mission also has built or rehabilitated several schools, including the first school for deaf children in the entire northern half of the country of Malawi. The Marion Medical Mission also worked with three congregations from the Synod of Livingstonia to build churches through self-help and helped them partner with three churches from Southern Illinois. For more information, go to www.marionmedical.org .

All money raised toward the outreach project has been forwarded to the charity.