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One Book at a Time

Imagine yourself living in a world with the vast literary resources we have at hand and not being able to decipher what is written on a page.  Imagine also, not having a prayer book, hymnal or bible to help guide you through God’s commandments and promises.  And what about the teachings of Jesus – the parables, the miracles, and after the crucifixion, the marvelous account of his resurrection, fulfilling the prophesies of the Old Testament.  Reading is also a crucial element in education, getting a job, being able to delve into history, find research material, understand what is happening in the world of today and just for pure enjoyment.

The Church Periodical Club (CPC) was started in 1888, sending church literature, Bibles and prayer books via Wells Fargo to missionaries in the “West”.  Since then, its mission has expanded to worldwide assistance of churches, seminaries and organizations affiliated with the Anglican Communion, in distributing educational printed, audio-visual, musical and computer materials necessary to spread God’s Word in several languages.  Each application has to be endorsed by the Episcopal or Anglican bishop of the diocese and is then sent to the National Book Fund (NBF) which holds a granting session once a year.

Miles of Pennies (MOP) is a fund used exclusively for the needs of children and grants are funded as application is approved.  This fund has helped pay for Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials for several churches in our Diocese.

Should you know of a religious or secular organization that would benefit from a grant from CPC, please have them visit  CPC Guidelines and Application   to obtain the guidelines and applications.

Support the CPC and the ECW.  Continue to pray for our work.

Find a way to observe CPC Sunday in your church.

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Besides quality education and spiritual formation, what do seminarians take with them after graduation?  Debt

Seminarian debt is growing to epic proportions within The Episcopal Church.  Its effects are already hindering deployment and the mission capabilities of our dioceses.

Sadly, the Episcopal Church is the only major U.S. denomination which does not include financial assistance to their seminaries in their national budget.  Nationally, the CPC provides funds for books needed by seminarians in the eleven Episcopal seminaries in the U.S.

On a diocesan level many of our churches do have budgets that include a line item for the seminaries.  But, that money is not usually earmarked for individual seminarians from our diocese.

In the Diocese of Springfield, our diocesan CPC fund provides books to the seminarians who will teach our children and grandchildren.  In addition to the CPC fund, the ECW Board has a line item in their budget for individuals attending seminary.

Applying for these grants is easy:  We regularly check with our Diocesan center for the names of our seminarians who are attending Trinity School for Ministry or Nashotah House Theological Seminary.  So if you have entered the “process” through the Diocese of Springfield, all we ask is that you contact us and save your book receipts. 

Help fund a legacy in the education of a seminarian.  The CPC.  Support the CPC and the ECW.  Continue to pray for our work.  Find a way to observe CPC Sunday, and make sure your church makes its financial contribution to the annual ECW Fair Share fund.  For more information contact: