The ECW Board coordinates the annual Lenten retreat in addition to providing support and oversight at the Diocesan level for the United Thank Offering and Church Periodical Club (U.T.O. and C.P.C. ) funds.  We also coordinate an annual out-reach project at the Diocesan level and encourage you to support this ministry.  

 From the Board Members: 

 “Do not ask the Lord to Guide Your Footsteps…              if you are not willing to move your feet.”

  As a Board, we concentrate on the two things that we do best; the annual retreat and raising funds for the chosen outreach project.  Additionally we are directing our efforts to re-establish the relevance of the organization in the diocese by promoting a sense of belonging and community among the women in the diocese. 

 In the coming year we want to:
  • 1.)  To increase participation in the Outreach project and increase attendance at the E.C.W. annual meeting and the Lenten Retreat
  • 2.)  To encourage women to acknowledge and use the gifts God has given them 
  • 3.)  To provide activities that will enrich the lives of the women in the church through fellowship, fun,    and learning
  • 4.)  And last, but certainly of great importance we will endeavor to find new ways of communicating our activities and getting women to be more active in their church, deanery, and the diocese. 

 We believe it is important to remain connected to, and maintain community with our sisters in the Diocese, the Province, and The National Church.  As women in the Episcopal Church, we are committed to living out our call to discipleship (using words if necessary!) 

QUIET DAYS:   The Board will from time to time will set a day aside for a “quiet” day of reflection and meditation.  We invite you or your group to choose your own way to spend as much of the day as you can, keeping in mind that the answers questions like “what is the purpose of a quiet day?” and “what makes sacred time sacred?”  If you are looking for some ideas for how to spend your quiet day, consider the following suggestions, but more importantly allow the Spirit to blow where it will.  “Click” here to download our list of  ECW QUIET DAY SUGGESTIONS 

THE LIFE OF THE ECW IN SPRINGFIELD  begins in the local congregations.  Participation in the ECW connects our women to women of the Episcopal Church at the diocesan, provincial, national, and international levels.  Join us as we move toward a deeper understanding of Christ in our lives and the lives of others.  We welcome your participation at the parish, deanery, and/or diocesan level.  

The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Springfield includes all the women in the Episcopal churches in our diocese.  Just as our parishes differ greatly, so do our members.  The women of the ECW bring a variety of skills and abilities to each of our events.  The fellowship we share is special and unique.

 There are six deaneries or regions in the Diocese of Springfield and each has a representative to the ECW Board.  These board members help direct programs, which serve and support the women in the entire Diocese.  “Click” here for the link to:   DEANERY & CHURCH LIST 

SHARING FAITH AND FELLOWSHIP:  The Episcopal Church Women welcomes every woman in every Episcopal Church.  We worship as a community of women, turning to God in gratitude for blessings of family, home, and friendship.  We ask the Lord for guidance in translating our Christian belief into action in our lives.  The ECW is an integral part of the Episcopal Church, which in turn is part of Worldwide Anglican Communion.

MISSION AND MINISTRY:   The ECW Board supports and connects all women in their Christian mission and ministries.  Churches throughout the Diocese participate in a voluntary financial contribution to support our Diocesan ECW Board.  This contribution or “Fair Share” is determined by a small percentage of their annual budget.  The “Fair Share” donations enable us to provide leadership, oversight, and programming such and the Annual Lenten Retreat and Deanery wide events such as the Victorian Teas and the “Mitford Luncheon”  for the women throughout the diocese.  “Click” here for additional information on the    The FAIR SHARE   

We also can provide assistance in organizing a parish level ECW with a packet of information and ideas for meetings and activities.  The document below is provided for groups wishing to start an ECW group in their church or who want some ideas and guidelines for their existing ECW.  Please contact us with your questions or if you would like to meet with a member of the board to help you get started.   click here to download file: ECW_Total_Packet.pdf

SPIRIT OF GIVING:  The ECW is challenged to change, to build, and strive to renew our efforts in support of people suffering because of illiteracy, homelessness, hunger, poverty, injustice, natural disaster, or war. 

Support the work of the ECW and keep the ministry of the ECW in your prayers, as we keep you in ours.